NAME: NAI – Collage Europe

LOCATION: Rotterdam

YEAR: 2004 – 2005

TYPE: Exhibition spatial design


Designed under the Netherlands Architectural Institute

Collage Europa focuses on the visible heritage and continuing changes in Eastern European cities.

Collage Europa was An Exhibit held at the Netherlands institute for architecture – NAI. “The Exhibition focuses on developments in architecture and urban design in central and eastern European cities. 1920’s modernism, reconstruction of the eastern Europe during soviet rule, industrialization of the council housing and experimental designs by younger architects after the fall of the iron curtain was exhibited.” Paraphrased from exhibition book.

Maja was involved with spatial design of the exhibition. The space is designed for free movement of visitors. The design of the exhibition was reflecting the monotone grey building blocks of the old eastern European cities, in a repetitive way. The star shaped exhibition space, the golden display unit to show models and the red kiosk introduced the changes that were happening within the cities.