After the great success of having their shop within Cinema Akil, Project Chaiwala opened it’s doors in their second independent shop in Media City.

With two permanent kiosk stands in the head office of Emirates NBD in Dubai, Project Chaiwala is expanding rapidly.

The focus of the design is always on the Chaiwala working his tricks in his Chaiwala station and the comfort of the costumer.

The Chaiwala station is a good eye catcher from afar with it’s Chaiwala turquoise colour and shutter to frame the Chaiwala pooring the tea. Timber and black steel with indirect lighting are used to emphasize the counter and to break the monotony. Extra storage with reclaimed shelving as a backdrop at the concrete wall are one of the features of our design. A custommade planter with storage at the Chaiwala station and booth seating are created to divide the space and to give more privacy.

At the entrance you see a turquoise shutter with the Project Chaiwala logo giving it a real street vibe when you are passing by or entering the space. Behind it are shelves with merchandise such as specialty teas which are sourced by the owners. The ceiling has been kept exposed and painted with Cashmiri tea pink to lift the place up.

The main materials such as timber, locally sourced terrazzo, black steel, chaiwala turquoise and cashmiri tea pink are the key elements every Project Chaiwala shop/store has.

The design of the interiors reflects the identity of project Chaiwala; Inviting colourful, home grown feeling of coziness, sustainable and honest materials were used in the process.

The furniture selection and setting of the space has been especially designed and selected to give that home feeling. The variety of seating has been placed intentionally for the costumer to chill with a cup of chai, to work on the bench, have lunch with group of friends or to have a meeting.

Dutch Interior Designer Marwa El Nory has joined Maja Kozel Design on this project with the decoration and her great sense of style and finishing touches of the space.

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