Surge for water held a Design, Dine & Donate gala as part of their efforts to provides safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions around the world. The event showcased innovative and sustainable book shelves from the top design houses in the city.

The shelving titled Change is inspired by the adaptability and flow of water and was an award-winning entry for Surge for water 2016. It is adjustable to the user’s preferences, needs and surrounding. A vertical tower of greenery, a slim divider wall or a zizgzag unit, the change is all of those. All materials for the shelf were chosen carefully within the Khansaheb factory to be repurposed. Hunter Douglas gifted us their “scrap” window blinds materials from their warehouse to be used for the storage pockets. Connections were detailed in such a way to use the minimum of screws, nails and glue, intersecting the dongles and steel rods into the frame. Lastly Vegetable oil is used to give a finishing touch for the timber elements to keep it protected.