NAME: Master villa, Zhong Shan

LOCATION: Zhong Shan, China

YEAR: 2008

TYPE: Architecture & interior Design for Residential development

CLIENT: Tung Tai Group

Designed under WDA group

WDA Group designed a residential development for Tung Tai Group in Zhong Shan, China. Maja worked on the spatial design for the master villa. The Design brief from the client required residential unit/ the tower and the guest villas, which include suites and guest rooms along with entertainment, relaxing and conference facilities.

The design of the building is a bold contemporary design structure. The exterior cladding materials are aluminium and granite. The entrance is defined by a change in cladding colour, and architectural shape to give it hierarchy. Each interior zone is defined by its own colour palette giving each space its own identity. The tower is the most prestigious part of the development, as this is the point where you can have an overview of the landscape and where the client can check his stocks.