LOCATION: Dubai design District (d3), Dubai

YEAR: 2016

SQ FT AREA: 1500

TYPE: Installation

CLIENT: Dutch creative industry

A Collaboration between Maja Kozel, Teun Verbeek, Juliette Wermenbol, Judy Straten and Neil van der Linden

#EMO_DCI was an installation setup as part of Dubai design week at d3 and was commissioned by the DCI (Dutch creative industry). The installation combined the senses of sound, scent and imagery in a simplistic way and created a spatial design that made people aware of how space is experienced.

In three stages; Nostalgia, Change & Future created a vision, a feeling that stimulates an emotion Unique to everyone experiencing the installation.



Nostalgia is autumn. Elusive fragments of memories vaguely float by in a stormy autumn wind. Iconographic pictures that looks back at Dutch heritage. Partly remembered, partly forgotten. Musing over a nostalgic past. Nostalgia is about reflecting on old experiences. This phase acts as the source for Change.


Patchouli – Scent of the seventies Nostalgia. A dusty earthy scent representing the decay of autumn.
Rosemary – herb of remembrance. Contemplating. In ancient Egypt Rosemary was being burned as an incense in a ritual on the tombs of the Faraos to help them remember their lives.

Vetiver – extract of a root with an earthy and smoky scent that is calming and grounding and helps to strengthen one’s identity.

Geranium – The oil and scent of geranium promotes o stay in contact with our emotions and feelings “reflecting”

Vanilla – Because of its presence in Mothers milk, the sweet scent of vanilla provokes a feeling of warmth and security. For most of us, this is the first and earliest scent memory.



VIDEO: Change is winter. The incubation and hibernation phase. Like a caterpillar, the nostalgic memories crawl into a cocoon in order to transform. Outside it’s cold. The thick white blanket of snow acts as an isolator for introspection. Everything is seemingly asleep. Although, inside the cocoon (inside the sub consciousness), something is itching and tickling. The old elements are trying to make new relationships. Something is evolving, get’s impatient, and wants to break out.


Cypre – The big straight and almost architectural tree stands for transition and transformation. The oil and scent of cypre gives structure and makes you concentrate on what is essential.

Peppermint – The freshness of this essence promotes clear thoughts and common sense.

Clary sage – the scent of this herb give distraction from negative thoughts, provokes movement and leads the energy to where there is room for new developments.

Swiss Stone Pine – is the only tree that survives the highest altitudes, steepest slopes and harshest storms in the mountains. The essence of this tree therefor gives strength, willpower and makes us endure the cold winter.


VIDEO: Future is spring. The phase of new life, acceleration, youth. A beautiful butterfly has appeared. As in a kaleidoscope, countless new opportunities have emerged. Future is the synergy of old elements that have made new connections. Bits and pieces of the old elements remain visible, but by it’s abstraction, space is created for new interpretations.

SCENT: The beautiful and sparkling zest scent of Manderin, Lime and Bergamot gives a thrilling vibe that awakes you and stimulates a feeling of youth and freedom.Eucalypt essence provokes and symbolizes a vital free spirit looking for adventure.In ancient Greece and Rome Laurel was symbol of triumph and fame. The fresh scent of Laurel has a hint of sweetness and helps to belief in ones own potential.

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