Photography by Obaid AlBudoor

Knowledge Without Borders

One of Maja Kozel’s well-renowned projects is the office interior that she designed for Knowledge without Borders in 2017. Based in Sharjah, the praise-worthy initiative was started by the government to encourage children and their parents to read. Keeping this in mind, Maja’s main task was to reflect the brand’s objective into the interior design while following some guidelines given by the clients. Despite being indoors, the area is similar to an open space which had to be used effectively.

The wide open space was selected for a specific layout that encourages a borderless environment except for the manager’s office, which was enclosed. Other than that, dividers were used to allocate space resources so the area remained organized.

The brand’s identity was more in line with traditional and ethnic vibes, which is why elements of Arabic typography were used to decorate walls. This was Maja Kozel’s favorite part since she enjoys deriving inspiration from the rich culture of the UAE and its lively people. Aside from the elements of Arabic typography, a bright pop of color was added to the walls to give the interior a timeless aesthetic amid a modern setting.

The initiative was to effectively promote the brand’s message of promoting healthy reading habits by adding the right details and components. Hence, bookcases were regarded a staple in creating this project because it would allow visitors to see and understand the message loud and clear. Moreover, they established the client’s objective and unique identity in a subtle way that’s easier to understand.

The functionality of the bookcases was proved when they added an enclosure to the office and acted as walls in a wide open space. Shelves were also incorporated into the design as essential in promoting the brand’s objectives. The shelves helped to provide a charming appeal and books which were displayed on them added a realistic graphic effect that blended into the wall perfectly.

The color wasn’t limited to the walls and Maja Kozel implemented the use of contrasting colors for the furniture that would help it stand out from the corporate-looking furnishings that are usually in an office.

Bookcases and shelves were given a pop of color by means of a stain, which was attractive but didn’t hide the grain of the material. The colors added a touch of personality to the room and the interior surely brightened up because of it. Maja was careful to select the right colors that would have an enchanting effect in both natural and artificial light.

While the initiative was successful, the interior design also had a widely positive effect on visitors who came to visit. If you didn’t get an opportunity to see the office yet, you can still catch a glimpse by looking at the stunning pictures taken by photographer, Obaid Al Budoor. These are sure to give you an idea about what Maja Kozel expressed through her designing strategies and the unique brand identity that the design exudes.

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