Photography by Jalal Abuthina

Heart of Sharjah is an initiative that aims to revive the cultural spirit and heritage through various preservation and restoration projects. It plans to be completed by 2025 and the agenda consist of restoring old buildings and constructing buildings that are along the lines of traditional architecture of Sharjah. The sales office of the Heart of Sharjah project was designed by Maja Kozel herself while her clients, Sharjah’s Investment and Development Company Shurooq, briefed her that it should reflect the brand’s identity.

A Blend of Minimalism with Vibrant Highlights

The area that Maja had to work with was a restored house which was designed by leading architect WMPA and Al Bait Eng. Consultants L.L.C. The objective was to display the initiative’s message of replenishing Sharjah’s cultural significance in society. Maja did just that tried to implement historical elements throughout the interior. She enjoys utilizing such elements so that they create a contrast instead of blending into the modern background.

When it came to materials, she adopted a ‘less is more’ strategy and stuck to the essentials such as concrete and wood that would help in keeping it in line with minimalist perspectives while staying in touch with historical origins as well. It also emanates a natural and unadulterated character that will captivate the hearts of the modern generation.

The tones of these basics contrasted with the smooth black metal which was used to embellish the interior. The color scheme leaned towards being more monochromatic which laid emphasis on the texture of the materials that were used. Maja avoided using bold colors and adhered to the use of a neutral palette to accentuate the traditional patterns which were integrated into the designs.

Acoustics, Embellishments and Colored Lighting

As far as lighting elements were concerned, Maja remained steadfast in trying to implement designs that would exude a timeless aesthetic but retain functionality as well. Pendant lights added graceful charm without coming off as flimsy while indirect lighting was used to outline the traditional patterns that adorned the interior.

Custom wall lighting was also utilized to add diversity and it also highlighted the texture of the plastered walls. The acoustics of the office were taken into consideration and resulted in Maja making an addition of perforated ceiling panels. These were excellent as they graced their surroundings because of the unique patterns they included.

Superior Décor – Down to the Finest Details

Of course, it didn’t end here and the sales office for Heart of Sharjah needed some indispensable aspects such as office furniture so that it could reach completion. Dutch manufacturer Royal Ahrend is a leading brand for office furniture and they were the main source for the interior’s furnishings. This included the furniture for employee workstations and the manager’s office with the difference being in size and application.

The Portal desk featured an oak tabletop while smooth black metal was used for its legs which created a sophisticated and simple look. Additional seating is a must for every office and here it kept a little more basic with muted tones and clean lines that complemented the color scheme which was used in decorating and designing the office. The perfect fusion of cultural and modern charisma, the ‘Heart of Sharjah’ office will be a breath of fresh air as it stands among a busy and futuristic landscape.