Photography by Loesje Kessels

NAME: REC Music studio

LOCATION: Private villa extension, Jumeirah, Dubai

YEAR: 2015

SQ FT AREA: 35 sqm

TYPE: Music Studio interior

CLIENT: Mannan Alawar (Guitarist of the band Coat of Arms)

The client approached us with a design brief to change a 30 sqm space into a state of the art music studio, with an editing/meeting area and a recording/jam zone in which acoustics reign supreme.

The studio is divided into two areas, editing/meeting and recording/jam space, the subtle space delineation only noticeable in the flooring treatment, recycled woven vinyl in the editing space merges into timber flooring in the recording/jam zone. For acoustic control and diffusion, the windows were covered and added features such as the acoustic timber slot wall and “play, record and pause” panels were installed. Different lighting features including a colour changing fibre optic ceiling installation, subtly designed around the twelve zodiac signs, the up cycled drum light pendants and “Tron” inspired wall feature of metal steel tubes all work to create an eclectic space where mood and colour are controlled by the use of dimming panels and both warm and cool light.