Photography by Josh @3DAES

PROJECT NAME: Mediamonks office design

LOCATION: Media City, Dubai

YEAR: 2016

SQ FT AREA: 6000

TYPE: Office interior

CLIENT: Mediamonks Production Company

A Dutch design collaboration with Barde + vanVoltt

About the Clients:

Mediamonks is an award winning creative production company with offices in 10 locations around the globe. They specialize in working with advertising, entertainment and technology companies to craft amazing digital work for global brands. Their first office in the US designed by Dutch design duo formed by Valérie Boerma and Bart Jan van Seggelen reflected the brands identity and cali-lifestyle. It also included bespoke furniture production – by barde + vanVoltt. Their New Office in Dubai is a collaboration between the Dutch designers Barde + vanVoltt and UAE based Maja Kozel Design

About the Designers:

Maja Design is an award winning spatial design studio based in UAE with strong design roots and a global perspective. Maja’s Design approach is quirky and takes a fresh look towards traditional local crafts and design elements. In doing so creating a spatial narrative distinct and rooted in culture and location.

Barde + Vanvoltt are a Dutch design company specializing in crafting playful and professional environment. Their design approach is flexible and focuses on bringing brand identity into their interior projects. The strongly believe in custom built furniture to highlight the uniqueness of each brand.

About the Project

Located in the heart of Dubai’s Media city, the Mediamonks office design reflects the brands identity and combines it local design elements from Dubai Heritage.

The plan includes office spaces and an executive board room. The executive board room is designed with high ceiling to welcome high profile clients. The clients wanted the office to feel like home away from home for its international employees and therefore the design reflects that in its use of contemporary materials and colors. Patterned Local illustrations and textiles contrasts with the solid colored walls and light wood flooring. The mix of traditional and contemporary elements creates a spatial narrative that reflects the brand, respects the local’s aesthetics and is a dynamic a comfortable space to work in.

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